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Who We Are

It's music. They're not too worried whether you like it or don't like it. Only that you feel it.
– Paulie, the world's greatest fan
A great song will never, never, NEVER let you down.
– Paulie, the world’s greatest fan

Followin’ Cues

The Good Ones Clothing was founded in Spring 2012 in the beating heart of the Midwest—we call it Bricktown, but you’ll find us on the map in Fort Wayne, IN. Started as a creative partnership—and a brand-new company—by the founders of One Lucky Guitar (a design & marketing boutique) and Matilda Jane Clothing, we exist to fulfill a pretty singular purpose: to create products celebrating the kids that light fireworks in our souls.

You’ll find our goods on this website, and at select retailers around the US of A. We’ve got friends, great friends, that we pair real well with—and we’re committed to our customers and their kids.

At the end of the day—when the concert is over and the amps are getting packed up—we believe it’s about more than clothes. It’s about helping to build a generation of creative, generous innovators. (Preferably ones who like to dance.)

“ But why? ”

Have you ever been asked that question, a few dozen times in a row? (Hint: wrap it in your arms and never let it go.) That’s the sound of a world that’s still new. One that’s inspiring at every turn. One that’s yet to be figured out, and yet to be second-guessed. A world that will never let you down.

“But why?” Why? Because we wanted to design clothing that felt like that.

The Good Ones Clothing is make-believe…we have a make-believe band, that plays in make-believe locations, and likes make-believe things. And their make-believe journeys serve as a muse to us.

Make-believe! Has there ever been a better approach? The kids know, just ask ‘em: make-believe is, like, the best thing ever.

So we toast their imagination, their joy, their giggles and their eyes that twinkle.

Here’s to creativity and adventure, to catching a snake and putting frogs in their pockets, to carving their names on a tree, to chores (and allowance), to homeruns (and strikeouts), to dancing and rock & roll.

Most of all, here’s to friends forever.

Let’s hear it for your kids and ours. Let’s hear it for The Good Ones.