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The Band

The debut album? You spend your whole life up until that very moment working on it. No pressure, right?
— Adrian, guitar & songs,
The Final Hurrahs
You know what? We love being the longshot.
– Stuart, vox & guitar, The Final Hurrahs's like movies, books and video games put in a blender. With pop and ice cream. On a bike.
– Paulie, the world's greatest fan
Songs aren't that big of a deal. I mean, all they can do is change the world in three minutes.
– Adrian, guitar & songs, The Final Hurrahs

The Story

Days Worth Remembering

One of our favorite heroes once sang, “We learned more from a three-minute record than we ever learned in school.” And while the medium may change—don’t ask your kids about “records”!—the message remains true.

That’s why The Good Ones Clothing has its own band—The Final Hurrahs. Yep—it’s Adrian, Bullfrog, Franklin and Stuart (and their best friend Paulie), each with their own personalities and interests. And while The Final Hurrahs may be a fictional band, they really rock.

The Final Hurrahs produced a full record called Numéro One that’s somehow both kid-friendly and mom & dad’s favorite album of the ‘10s. (With 17 songs in 35 minutes, no filler and no fuss, how couldn’t it be?)

You won’t cringe when your kids want to listen to these guys—and that means a lot, right? Along the way, you’ll see The Final Hurrahs throughout our collection and website, and you’ll hear their songs in our videos. We should warn you that ultimate fandom is likely to ensue.

As for that lyric up above, about learning from music or school…we actually love school, too. Each member of The Final Hurrahs has a favorite subject, and many of our shirts, songs and blogs include little educational moments that help spark curiosity and wonder.

One last thing: tapping your toe is the first step toward rocking out.

And that’s alright.

And the Crowd Roars

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, put your hands together for Stuart, Adrian, Franklin and Bullfrog...THE FINAL HURRAHS!”

{fandemonium begins}

Before all that, there was trading MP3s at the skatepark.

It’s a story as old as rock & roll itself. A band of boys meets at school under a full moon while a cold wind blows and a distant howl rings through the night… Alright, so it’s not that mythical. Hey, they’re four neighborhood buds from Bricktown USA, friends since before they can remember.

They’re what you call all-around boys. Working hard, but playing harder. Soccer is for fun, not for trophies. Bikes. Treasure maps. Video games. “Let’s figure it out!” is the motto. And so these guys figured out that the best way to figure out how to be a band was to each figure out how to play an instrument—at the same time. Four times the adventure. Four times the wonder. Four times the fun and four times the friendship.

They get together and bash out next week's group project for the science fair, and then they bash out a song. And then another song. And then one more.

All that bashing, and the glorious sound that became The Final Hurrahs was born. (And whaddaya know, they sound kinda great.)

The Final Hurrahs, yep. Franklin, the bass player, loves all things science and math. The drummer—Bullfrog—loves shop class, hands-on and tinkering away. Adrian is the rhythm guitarist, and he’s the readin' & book-reportin' guy. (Makes sense, since he writes most of the songs.) And the singer, of course, loves art. He’s Stuart.

Those first songs were recorded in Franklin’s dad’s garage, and they slowly took over the town. Gotta credit Paulie—the band’s biggest fan, best friend and secretest weapon for taking it over the top. He covered the entire city with their faces, even the water tower.

Soon enough, kids all across Bricktown were talking about this band and their songs. In the library. On the court. Around the zoo. At the skatepark, they were hollering along. “You heard that band?” “Yeah, what’s their name again?” “Dunno, but it rocks...” “I love that song, ‘Use your imagination...’”

This band seemed to be singing for everyone, all at once.

And you know what?

They were.

And then? Well, you know music these days: off the songs went, posted and ‘liked’ and re-liked and birds were tweetin’. And it spread, against all odds. The Final Hurrahs landed a recording contract on Lucky Jane Records. Released the debut album, Numéro One. Took off on a four-legged cross-country tour.


The Band



The Numéro One tour. Covering the United States in four legs.

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Listen to tracks from the debut album, Numéro One.


"We're not here to play rock & roll. We're here to save it." So said Adrian. Go ahead—click to save.


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